Papa Pear Saga Level 417, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 10,000 points.

A lot of this level depends on the fruit. The lemon and apple don’t roll nicely so they might need a push from a papa to drop, especially when down on the lower section. Other than that it’s fairly easy and lids are already damaged.
Shoot your papas at the top carrots to start their fall. Since the bamboo/carrot things move left and right try to get your papa to roll along under the top left fruit to remove the carrots and acorns/onions.
Hitting the lower carrots, especially the right side, can be hard, so shoot a papa toward the smiley head carrot on the top right side while the fruit is still up there. That gives your papa the best chance of removing the carrots down low.
Avoid getting two fruit on the bottom so you can’t hit the carrots. And curve your aiming line if you have fruit stuck on and acorn/onion and bamboo is moving in your way or a lower fruit needs a carrot removed. Use a direct shot or bounce off a bamboo to push stubborn fruit which look like they should have rolled off the bamboo but didn’t. Fall in darn you fruit!

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