Papa Pear Saga Level 418, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 16 Papas to Remove 111 Peas; 25,000 points.

King updated this level too from 99 to 111 which means a little more pea pod bouncing.
The top leaves hide a fireball and bottom ones cactus’ so try not to hit them, especially the fireballs. And keep an eye on the moving blueberries so you don’t shoot a papa right down on them.
Shoot a papa down the center left side of the 3 pea pods trying to make peas by bouncing off that object. You want to hit the grande too and hope it bounces around a lot making peas.
Shoot off the right side 3 pea pods to hit the chili and make more peas possibly hitting the tree to shoot your papa up and hopefully down onto a pod or peas. Also shoot your papa at the long pea pod near the top to bounce down on any existing peas. If the acorns by the chilies are removed you get a nice bounce off of the slanted bamboos into pods.
This game requires patience because to remove peas you have to create them so don’t worry if your count is low. You’ll make peas and be removing them before you know it.

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