Papa Pear Saga Level 419, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 19 Papas to Use 12 Multipliers; 50,000 points.

You need fireball and grande bonuses to help you in. Having a multiplier in the jar is a nice “gift” too. Shoot just one papa at a time until it’s gone.
Aim over the right cauliflower as high as you can to hopefully bounce around it and blow to the left wall. If your papa is blowing back and forth removing acorns/onions that’s good too because you need them all removed to make multipliers and easy fireballs. You can try to aim over the left cauliflower but shoot when the cactus is towards the wall so you don’t hit it.
If you got a fireball bonus use it if you can hit it. You want the Fire Papa bouncing everywhere removing items and burning cactus’. If not, remove the cauliflower by bouncing off a wall and seeing where your papa goes.
Gently curve your aiming line and shoot either behind the blackberries or between the left blueberry to hit the multiplier and bounce around a lot to remove items and make a grande bonus.
The orchid will remove a lot of the items, making its multiplier, hitting the one to its right, and weakening some of the blackberries.
To make easy fireballs make sure all the acorns/onions and carrots above the red mushrooms are removed along with the top left blackberries. Aim high as you can to the right and you’ll bounce on the right curved bamboo, off the mushrooms or blueberry, into the left wall. Having the left cactus burned or removed makes it safer.
Hitting the multipliers by the buckets needs a lucky bounce or possibly a Fire Grande Papa on the bamboo.

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  1. Alf Igel

    Before shooting to the right wall – which often will not bring the papa to the left, but down – you should remove the left cauliflower, or it will blow your papa back anyway.
    It’s a tough level, but beatable. Even got 13 multipliers (one was left in these two “unreachable” places”)…


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