Papa Pear Saga Level 420, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task 4 Papa Pear Saga Level 420: Drop the Fruits(5 pcs), Get 20,000 points.


Papa Pear Saga Level 420
Amount to start with: 21 Papas.

Remove the watermelon as quickly as you can. As your papa bounces off a watermelon it will remove other items and hit a lid.

Once the watermelon are gone, you will get multiplier. If it will appear on some nice place, go and use it for a better score. Now that you removed watermelons and got multiplier you’ll need to make some Fire papas.. Aim just above the right blueberry to bounce over to the other side. There’s no aiming spot, you have to find it by adjusting up or down, but little help from us you should have 16 dots coming from your papa cauldron. Once you find the sweet spot and make fire papa DON’T MOVE! Make 2-3 fire papas first so you have some boosters to clear the board, remove the lids in order the fruit can fall into the buckets. Take your time, shoot one papa, let in bounce because you never know what will it remove or maybe make you some new Power-ups. Fun level once you get the trick πŸ™‚

In the video below you can see where to aim and how to make fire papas.


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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 420”

  1. Alf Igel

    When there is a lemon in the game, the level is already lost, as this fruit will never roll :-(((
    Stupid design to add the lemon to this level!

  2. Alf Igel

    Making fire papas works as good – or bad – from the left side, too. Very unusual, as the game uses to be non symmetrical.


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