Papa Pear Saga Level 421, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 19 Papas to Use 12 Grandes; 75,000 points.

This picture shows 20 papas but it’s because of a bonus one, it plays with 19 normally. And King changed it a bit so one of the jars might have a fireball in it.
Start easy and pop that bubble to bounce off many items making your first grande. You may remove too many items making it harder to make needed grandes later on.
Making peas is an easy way to make a grande so curve your aiming line and try to roll down the right side pea pod. Your papa should remove some onions, make and remove peas for the grande and possibly break both jars to hit those grandes.
Rolling down the left pea pod is a bit harder since there is nothing to bounce off of except the bottom blueberry. But your papa may bounce around and hit a jar making a Papa Grande and better chance at a grande.
If you make, or have a fireball in a jar, avoid them as best as you can. You don’t want a Fire Grande Papa burning items, especially pea pods.
And just shoot one papa at a time so it has a chance to hit any grandes you created.

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  1. Alf Igel

    “Only” 9 papa grandes are required now. Still impossible to pass as you can make three or four grandes only, then there’s not enough left to be hit anymore, and with another three in the cans that’s only seven of nine!!!


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