Papa Pear Saga Level 422, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 40,000 points.


Having a lot of fireballs in the jars makes this level much easier. The vacuum plant sucked in the other fruit so that’s why only one is shown.
Shoot at the second from the top jar, near the right eye or eyebrow and your papa should bounce onto the top of the jar breaking it and using what’s in the jar. A Fire Papa burns the cactus and pea pod, both which need to be done to make winning easier. If you’re lucky it will get sucked into the vacuum plant too.
Getting a Fire or Grande Papa between the cauliflower and jars helps remove both things. Removing the top three cauliflowers makes it easier, with jars removed, to directly shoot at the orchid. If the bottom two cauliflowers are blowing you may have to remove them also to hit the orchid.
If you need to directly aim at the vacuum plant do it by the top bamboo. Papas drop into the buckets too easily by the lower one.

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  1. Pat is cheating again: The last papa made the second fruit falling, but while it is falling toward the bucket they already terminate the level as failed!?!?


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