Papa Pear Saga Level 425, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 25,000 points.

You need to remove all the cauliflower so shoot a papa at the curve in the carrots, a little higher than in the picture, to gain access. Let your papa blow and bounce around removing carrots making a grande bonus. Do the same shot to the right. If your papa doesn’t remove any cauliflowers aim over them when blowing down to bounce off the carrots by the walls to remove them all.
You’ll need all of each side carrot oval removed if not done already so you can bounce off the walls to open the lids. If you removed any of the watermelons while removing the cauliflowers that makes shooting papas easier without seeds.
You can directly aim at the edge buckets between any possible seeds and if you removed any end watermelons a curved aiming line dropping your papa where the watermelon was can easily hit those lids. If you weren’t lucky to remove the cactus with a Papa Grande aim at the cloud, between the blueberries, so you have one aiming dot in the blue sky to the left of the cloud curve by the wall. As the moving bamboo is about to be at its leftmost spot shoot to bounce your papa between the left and center’s watermelons bamboo curves. Hopefully enough acorns/onions have been removed to hit the bucket.


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