Papa Pear Saga Level 428, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 8 Onions; 5,000 points.


Aim at the edge of the mystery can and shoot a papa when the right side cauliflower is rotating up so it doesn’t blow your papa away. You’ll either get a grande or an onion and the onion is a real gift. Have your Papa Grande hopefully bounce off some carrots and get sucked into the vacuum plant.
As you shoot your papas with the plant still unpopped wait until the things move to the center and bounce off the blueberry to possibly get bounced into the blackberry and onion area removing some items or weakening onions before getting sucked into the plant. Pop the plant when the moving things are closest to the center.
Use the same blueberry sides, about eye level or a bit lower, to bounce into carrot gaps removing the top cauliflowers and blackberries and onions. You may need to hit the bubble plant to make bubbles, hopefully by the walls, to “close” the gap in the bamboo or carrot and keep your papa hitting onions.
It needs helpful bounces and bubble placement but don’t get discouraged. Adjust your bounce off the blueberry or wait until the moving things are closer or farther apart when you shoot.

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