Papa Pear Saga Level 429, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 25 Papas to Remove 1 Pea; 15,000 points.


King changed this level, going from 20 to 25 papas, having all the cactus’ sleeping, and fireballs on each side.
Aim to the inside of the holly spinner so your papa drops and hits the grande. Now as a Papa Grande it will remove carrots, the cactus, bounce on the acorns/onions to go into Fire Papa Grande mode. Here’s where you need good bounces off the blueberries into the center items and the pea.
If that doesn’t work try the left side for the doubler to remove carrots, items around the fireball, and unfortunately wake up some cactus. Keep shooting for the fireball and see what the Fire Papa removes.
If that failed you can quit and try again or remove carrots so you have a clear shot to bounce off the edge of the blueberry on the right. Be careful of the now “free” top cactus since it will get in your way of the blueberry. Only try this if your first Fire Papa Grande removed a lot of items on the right side but didn’t hit the pea. You’ll be removing acorns, onions, and finally the pea. It can be done this way but the one shot to victory is more amazing and satisfying.

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  1. Pat

    Great tip here! Already my first papa hit the grande bonus, than that hit the fire bonus, and this removed the pea. 24 moves left!!!


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