Papa Pear Saga Level 434, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Remove 25 peas!


This upper vid is for NEW LEVEL Papa Pear Saga Level 434, it was made easier.



Old Task: Remove 33 peas and get 40,000 points


Tips by our members of Papa Pear Saga Help Group at Facebook Lisa and Tatan:

YOU NEED FIRE PAPA in order to pass this level and this is the way how will you make it:

Aim your papa on the left wall, where the cloud is, on that little “apostrophe ” and your papa will hit the left wall, bounce on the edge of a bucket and get into rotating mill. It will show up in the upper board where you have 3 moving berries and luckily hit the right wall. You will maybe need to do that few times, cause we can never tell where will papa end up 😉

If you want better score remove the carrots and you’ll get 1 multiplier.

When you get your fire papa, of course it also depends where will it show on the board but if you get good shoot fire papa will remove carrots, onions and peas on the board. Try also to hit with your fire papa that papa double, because you have there several papas and if you hit it with fire papa- your game will go crazy 😉

Good luck, cause even with good tips, still tricky level and luck is needed 🙂
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11 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 434”

  1. karen newham

    King is losing me on this one. I have done well all the way up to this point and have tried both variations the lower one giving me many fireballs but still can’t make it. This one is ridiculous.

    • Bre

      This level is totally ridiculous! I have tried and tried to get those silly peas and the max number I have gotten is 12! Shame on KING for making this level NO FUN!

      • Alf Igel

        Played two times only – made the fire papa as described, and it solved everything!
        760,000 points – without getting the multiplier.

  2. Dean Westfield

    level 434.. to make lots of fireballs.. tip is aim at the top line of the little “apostrophe ” but watch the warp when it passes the 3rd stone from the left then the papa will go straight pass the onions and hit bucket and into the warp!! i made about 4 fire balls by doing that.. patience is needed as you have to watch the bullberries are not in your way…. my score 1,550,875!!

  3. Rich

    2X now I had a final score of 32 using the fireball bonus video.. definitely doable.. but painfully aggravating

  4. Teig

    When I first saw the peas buried away I thought uh oh… But I got a fireball by bouncing off the blueberries on the left. that cleared almost all the peas I needed, one more shot was all it needed when I got a grande fireball, job done with 15 papas to spare :p

  5. John

    This level is ridiculous. The video does not match the actual screen. So cannot work accurately. The papa will not reach both walls to access fire papas. Sort this one out King, please.

  6. Alf Igel

    This level has changed. You cannot make fireballs this way anymore. The papas exit the warp at a place where it never can reach the right wall. Also you hardly can enter the warp at all.
    Finally, it is only 25 peas, but what does it matter if you cannot get them, or 33?

  7. Alf Igel

    The far better strategy is to simply shoot down exactly vertical, get the doublers, and then continue to clear the spine of the dragon.
    25 peas are possible this way!


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