Papa Pear Saga Level 436, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 800,000 points.




Make or hit multipliers to win. The video shows how to make fireball bonus first but you don’t want to burn up a lot of pea pods because peas make points.
Remove the cauliflowers as soon as possible. If your aiming at the center two acorns shoot your papa as soon as the cauliflower rotates away from them. Your papa will be blown around and most likely hit a cactus but you have a gap for the multiplier and to remove the cauliflower.
Having your papas remove the potato sticks and bouncing on the blueberries will make points and usually a grande bonus. Hit it if you can and see what kind of bouncing you get, especially if the tree gets the Papa Grande. There are invisible red mushrooms above the trees that will help you remove blackberries and break the jar for another multiplier.
You can also try removing the carrots and top blackberry to get in that area but peas could block your shot.
The easy multipliers are from cauliflower, two below the cauliflowers, and red peppers. Acorns and potato dice could use wasted shots so don’t aim specifically unless there’s a few acorns left. You want to remove as many existing items and make more peas to win.
It’s a pretty easy level once the cauliflower are removed.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    To get rid of the cauliflower it is better to hit the two inner acorns, and then the carrot below them. Through this gap you can hit the multiplier and remove the cauliflower.

    But the “trick” is to have papa grandes – fire papas are quite useless – and these must be trapped between the bamboo and the blueberries in the center. Then they will make many many points. Otherwise you’ll run out of paps far below 1,1 million, but probably above the former 800k limit.


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