Papa Pear Saga Level 438, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 16 Papas to Use 14 Grandes; 50,000 points.

A very hard level! Shoot 2 papas to the left so they bounce off the wall and pea pod slowly removing items, making 2 grandes, and breaking the jar. Hope the Papa Grande from the jar drops into the bucket quickly. Repeat on right side.
You need a grande above the cactus area so your Papa Grande removes it. Try to send as many Papa Grandes down the center to break the jars and start the cauliflowers blowing to make more grandes. Keep the cauliflowers blowing or you’ll lose. If you have grandes in other areas hit them and hope there’s items to bounce on.
If you only have one grande over the cactus shoot it to make the Papa Grande, remove the cactus, and go down the center. Try bouncing another papa off the peas for “bounce count” and have it bouncing off the Papa Grande and items to make a grande.

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7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 438”

  1. DeeAnna

    I love Lea K and the Blogging Witches!!! They help us all with their tips and videos!!! Sometimes I couldn’t do it without then. Their help is priceless!!!! Love love love them and lea K alot!!!!!!

  2. Karen

    I could never have gotten to this level without all your helpful videos and especially the tip comments! Thank you so Much Lea K and Blogging Witches!! Thank you so very much! I love this Game!

  3. Gerda

    Thanks for all your help but I think I never will finish this level! For me it is impossible it seems!!!

  4. Hans Wurst

    A papa grande that removes the sleeping cactus will be blocked by the grande bonus below, eventually become slow again, turn back big, and this until the end of time!

    Another stupid design fault by!


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