Papa Pear Saga Level 439, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Remove 4 Mushrooms; 50,000 points.


Another very hard level with only 5 mushrooms that all need to remove!
Put your aiming line so the dots are on the pink part of the cloud’s hat to bounce off the wall and hit the blackberry and hopefully bounce over the cactus and hit the right wall for a fireball bonus. Shoot again, watching out for watermelon seeds, and remove the blackberry. You may have to curve it a bit to avoid bouncing into the cactus.
Now shoot into the gap you created to remove items, the mushroom, and make a grande bonus. Keep shooting in the gap until you remove the watermelon and hopefully the onions around the mushroom if not the mushroom itself. Your papa may remove the two blackberries on the right causing damage to the onions and yellow chilies too.
Removing the center watermelon is vital so use your fireball and grande bonuses to remove it, the cactus’ hopefully, and items around the center two mushrooms (if not them also). If the right and center mushrooms are still remaining remove them directly and wait for your papa to fall in a bucket before shooting again. You never know where it will bounce or if a tree shoots it into another mushroom.
The bottom left one is the hardest since there is no direct shot. If you have most of the onions around it removed try the gap on the right side where the top blackberry was and aim for the third blueberry from the top on the left side. Your papa may hit the mushroom. You can also try the left side where you started shooting.


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    • Hans Wurst

      Unbelievable how often a papa can pass through an appearing mushroom. These programmers are just too stupid to do something right!!!


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