Papa Pear Saga Level 441, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 40,000 points.


Ok, take a deep breath, you passed three very hard levels so now some easy ones.
First off, there might not be a fruit in the center but on the curve opposite the orange fruit in the picture. If you have one in the center shoot straight down removing the yellow chilies and acorns/onions until the fruit drops.
Hopefully you’ll have 2 acorns next to each other on the top curve to remove. You want the gap so you can shoot papas off the wall to push the fruit to the center and remove onions around them. Your papa should make it’s way down removing the lower acorns/onions curves near the center for your fruit to drop. If a fruit does get stuck on the lower curves aim at accessible acorns/onions to make a gap for it to drop through.
Dropping the fruit on the top curves may need a curved aiming line to remove an acorn/onion blocking it.
Yellow chilies may also block the fruit so they will need a curved shot so your papa doesn’t bounce too far away.
It’s a fairly easy level so you should pass it with ease in one or two tries.


New video with 5 fruits:

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7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 441”

  1. Jen

    And five fruits instead of four!!! Yet they still only give fifteen papas! I’m finding this one impossible. I’m afraid it is the end of s once beloved game for me. WHY King?!?!

  2. Alf Igel

    After passing the precious level three times in a row which you describe as hard, I failed this one three times in a row which you describe as easy???
    You must have been playing a different game!


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