Papa Pear Saga Level 442, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: max 17 Papas to Use 16 Power-Ups; 300,000 points.

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Papa Pear Saga Level 442

Papa Pear Saga Level 442 design pic with old papa count, otherwise the same as Dec 2016.

The hardest or most annoying part of this level are the two cactus’ otherwise it’s let the cauliflowers blow to make grande and fireball power-ups. With 5 on the board already and the one watermelon for a multiplier power-up you might start slow but victory will be yours.
Shoot a papa high off the left wall so it can start bouncing, removing items, making a grande power-up, and hitting the cauliflower to start it blowing. Once you have the cauliflower blowing shoot 2 papas a bit lower again. With these two papas your papas should make at least a grande power-up, and, more importantly, start removing a lot of the yellow chilies on top so you can make fireball power-ups.
If you have easily accessible grande power-ups use them to remove lots of items for another grande or fireball on the other wall. If it is near the cactus’ use it too because you need them asleep and you’ll go to normal papa size with the chance of hitting the grande power-up in the center to remove a sleeping cactus.
Breaking the jars can be hard unless you have a Fire or Papa Grande to do it easier, especially bouncing from the outside onions.
Keep making fireball power-ups but know that one of the cauliflowers will have to be removed if one side or another has a lot of items to remove for points. If so try to bounce your papa behind the blueberry to remove the cauliflower.
And the oddest placement for red peppers are the ones pointing at the walls by the end buckets. Those will be removed as your papa bounces in the end buckets. It’s the craziest thing if you watch it.

The demo video is made with optional 20 papas instead of 17, but we passed it with only 17 anyway, so thatäs good, cause we then not need to make nor new vid or textual tips.

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5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 442”

  1. Pat

    Different strategy, good for three stars:
    First drop a papa vertical, to get the grande and possibly one multiplier below.
    Then shoot a papa at one cauliflower to make it blowing.
    From now on, you can make a lot of fireballs easily: Shoot high above the blowing cauliflower, and it will blow all the papas to the other wall.
    Now you just need to “harvest” the fireballs and collect 1.2 million points 🙂

  2. Hans Wurst

    Now only 17 papas. As a papa cannot hit multiple grande or fire bonus in the app, it has become almost impossible to pass. Damned * !!!


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