Papa Pear Saga Level 443, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 3 Orchids; 10,000 points.


lvl 443 papa pear saga tips and cheat

The hardest orchid is the left one. Curve your aiming line like in the picture but between the blueberry and pea pod. Your first shot will be altered by the spinner so shoot three papas trying to bounce off the left side of the blueberry to hit the watermelon. Once it’s removed shoot so your papa gets blown upward by the cauliflower removing the orchid.
The right side orchid requires three shots to remove the watermelon. Aim at the bottom corner of the bamboo’s eyes edge and your papa should bounce down removing that orchid.
With all the papas bouncing from removing the left orchid you might have removed the center one. If not try bouncing your papa off the left blueberry just above or on its eye. If the spinner is blocking that shot bounce off the bottom piece of the inside curve of bamboo to make a gap in the carrots and acorns for your papa to remove the orchid.


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6 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 443”

  1. mattbl

    They changed this so that the left is also guarded by three onions. I’m having a heck of a time even getting the onions taken out, much less getting a papa up to hit the orchid.

  2. mattbl

    Just after posting that, I had a game where two acrons spawned instead of onions, and I was able to beat it by using the method initially outlined in this post of firing three papas right away, they luckily were blown up and hit the orchid.

    • Pat

      I just had a similar game, and two papas were blown up, none of them hit the orchid, they all missed to the left and right :-(((

      • Pat

        Coming back after a while, I tried again, and finally scored over 320,000 points!

        The trick is to shoot at the left orchid first, before peas get in your way, whenever the cauliflower moves to the left and passes between the two bushes/trees. This will blow up the papa against the acorns/onions under the orchid and finally hit it. Then the right one, just hit the melon three times, then aim at the let onion, and the papa will bounce into the wall, back on that onion. Two shots, and this orchid is hit, too. The center one might got hit already, otherwise just bounce around, and don’t forget to hit some multipliers!

  3. Brittany

    Level 443 is a little different than what you have a video on. Below the left most flower is acorns and onions chosen at random that you have to hit sometimes multiply times before you can hit the flower located on the left. Please update the video for lovel 443 as I cannot find a video that helps me at all.


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