Papa Pear Saga Level 444, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 40,000 points. This level was originally made with 25 papas, now it is harder.

papa pear saga level 444This used to be a kind of fun level because it tested your curving of your aiming line or patience in pea removal, but I think King tweaked it. I would have said to break the jar and hit the pink bucket lighter to light one of the edge buckets. Now, on my test replay, it has the “middle” one lighting up.
For winning this you need to light the “middle” bucket before you hit the bucket lighter bonus. Shoot a papa or three so they roll along the leaf hidden pea pod or straight down to hit the bottom three yellow chilies then onto the pea pod. Your papas will roll down the pod making peas then hit the curved pea pod and hit the lid a few times. Papas not rolling will be recalled to the “gun” so light that “middle” bucket first.
Once that’s lit, remove the top two red peppers. You may try to bounce your next shot off the smile of the next red pepper to try get on top of the jar to break it but it’s not easy. Unfortunately you’ll lose a bunch of papas bouncing off the jar and hitting the cactus when it’s awake. Break the jar and hit the bucket lighter.
If the left lid is still on you need to remove some of the upper yellow chilies so you can make a nice curved aiming line at the corner. There are acorns hiding under the leaves that will need removing too before you have a nice “drop shot” of your papa between the cactus and wall to hit the lid. You’ll see if you have to adjust left/right ever so slightly if your papa gets killed by the cactus.
Ugh, the right side lid is covered. You have two options here, luckily. The first is to have 7 papas remove enough peas and roll into the lit middle bucket. That will make a pink bucket lighter bonus.
The second and possibly easier is to remove all the red peppers, hitting the multiplier is your choice, and do a curved aiming “drop shot” between the bottom cactus and end of the pea pod, hidden by the leaf. As you can guess for this to work you can’t have peas in the way so remove them as best as you can. With a clear shot and proper curve you can drop your papa between an awake cactus and pea pod hitting the lid.


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7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 444”

  1. Lsthacker

    Level 444 is way too hard. Not fun when you don’t have a chance. I’m done with this game.

    • Alf Igel

      You have to play until a bucket lighter is in the jar. Then first light up the left and the second from right buckets, and finally release the bucket lighter from the jar. Level done…

    • Hans Wurst

      When you aim carefully, you can pass with a papa between the pea pod and the cactus into the rightmost bucket. You will have to remove all the chilies first which will also light the second bucket from the right.
      Problem is that you might not have enough papas left for the left bucket:-(

  2. Ellen

    King must have really tweaked it ’cause you don’t always get the bucket lighter in the jar. So far I only got one. The others are grande’s, fire and double papas. Bummer!

  3. Jezz

    Actually quite easy to do. Take out the two easy buckets, with as few shots as possible. Then keep pumping papa pears into the *same* open bucket. Once you get 7 in (I think) the same bucket, then you get given the pink bucket opener. Hit that, and game over.

    • Hans Wurst

      Great strategy, which has only two shortcomings:
      – You will not have enough papas left to do that.
      – You will loose too many papas on a cactus when bouncing around due to the peas.


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