Papa Pear Saga Level 446, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 60 Mushrooms; 10,000 points.


More mushrooms on a hard level. You really need to watch the timing of the mushrooms disappearing and reappearing to pass this.
The orchids have to be hit when the mushrooms have reappeared to weaken them from brown to white. If you shoot a second too late your papa may be stuck inside a mushroom square weakening them so that good too.
Only shoot one papa at a time. The tree may catch it and shoot it out hitting mushrooms, making a fireball bonus, or hit a cauliflower. If you get the fireball bonus having the cauliflowers blowing at full strength will keep the Fire Papa bouncing off the wall hitting mushrooms.
Shooting over the bamboo to hit mushrooms will cause your papa to fall straight down but will take time because of the bouncing and should weaken or remove some.
If the cauliflower get removed don’t worry. Aiming at weakened mushrooms is easier without them blowing your papa away from your target. This is especially helpful when you only need the last few to win.

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