Papa Pear Saga Level 448, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 10 Power-Ups; 80,000 points.


You have to make your own power-ups, namely fireballs, to pass this level. The red pepper and yellow chilies multiplier power-ups are needed too. If you get a blueberry in the mystery can just quit. You need two power-ups in the cans.
Shoot high off the left wall, over the cloud’s hat, to bounce on the red pepper, over the pea pod, and bounce on the right wall for a fireball. Shoot another papa after the first one has bounced to the middle. The right side red pepper will have a piece removed so you need the mushrooms to have disappeared to hit the wall. Aim lower so you hit the wall side of the red pepper hoping there will be some lower right red pepper to bounce your papa into the wall. If you have lower left red pepper try bouncing off any right side red pepper for another fireball.
Use any fireballs you’ve made to remove remaining red peppers, watermelon, yellow chilies, and mystery cans if you can. You’ll need to bounce off a wall, just above the hat, to hit the mystery cans and chilies. you’ll have to find the spot on the right wall to can, chilies, and watermelon.
After hitting all power-ups, trying to bounce your papa from one into another, see how many you need. You can make more fireballs. Put your aiming line on the dark part of the cloud’s hat and bounce on a blueberry into the other wall for the fireball. You will have to adjust up/down to get the bounce correct and the chilies must be removed. Of the three left sided mushrooms the right side one might be in your way for the blueberry bounce.
Finally, you want to get your 10 power-ups as soon as possible. There’s not enough items to create points so any extra papas and your multiplier number will get you enough points and possibly way more.


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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 448”

  1. Jejima

    Once you have followed the basic stuff to get your fireballs, and the screen is a little cleared, you can get more fireballs by aiming between the red hat and the red mushroom.

    • Hans Wurst

      Yes, that’s true. So I easily made my ten power-ups and still had nine papas left. With a x5 multiplier the score was 280,000 points!


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