Papa Pear Saga Level 451, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 22 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 15,000 points.


I was going to start by saying there’s an extra papa used on this level but King upped the papas to 22 from the original 18. You’ll see 18/19 was plenty anyway.
Start by shooting three papas off the right wall into the warp spinners to emerge above the left pea pod, right pea pod, and between the bamboo halfway down the mushrooms. Your left pea pod will make a fireball bonus and the right one may make a grande bonus if it gets blown against the bamboo enough. You want the papa in the bamboo/mushroom area to drop into the bamboo cart, get grabbed by the tree, and remove blackberries until the end lid breaks or the bucket under the cart lights up.
Shoot another three papas into the warps and see what buckets you light up or damage. If you have fireball or grandes easily hittable do so to remove left side items and light buckets.
If you have a bucket that isn’t lighting, possibly the one under the bamboo cart, shoot papas into any lit bucket to make the pink bucket lighter ball. Don’t forget any multipliers for more points with your extra papas.


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  1. Sue

    Have been waiting over a month for level 451, I play on iPad, any ideas plz?


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