Papa Pear Saga Level 453, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 24 Blackberries; 20,000 points.


Another changed level for the easier, more papas and fewer blackberries to remove.
You need to remove both vacuum plants so start with the right side. Try to bounce your papa off a blackberry before the plant sucks it in. You may remove 2 blackberries this way. Don’t pop the plant until it’s just about to be on the edge of the cloud face. This should keep your papas on the right side removing carrots and the blackberries. Shoot the left vacuum plant the same way and see what blackberries need removing.
You might think the 10 in the center are easy but their configuration bounces your papa away. They can be removed with persistence though. If there are carrots above the bamboo curves try a gently curved aiming line to go between the carrots removing those blackberries. You’ll need the curved aiming line to get the ones by each wall too so your papa doesn’t bounce away.
Always look for an easy dark purple one to remove and try to have your papa bounce towards red or purple blackberries.



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