Papa Pear Saga Level 455, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 700,000 points.


It’s 20 papas now, not 15 in the picture. Curve your aiming line over the blackberries into either blueberry curve, whichever one is easier to “drop” your papa into so it starts bouncing. You want to hit multipliers soon as they appear if your papa isn’t near to hit them.
Do not remove the blackberries on your own since those make big points with lots of multipliers. If you made a grande bonus hit it to remove items, bounce off seeds, and get shot out by the tree, probably making another grande bonus. The Papa Grande is the best thing to make points, especially when it gets “in sync” with the trees and doesn’t drop, but bounces off all 3 sets of blueberries.
If the mystery can have a multiplier that’s a real bonus. They have grandes or doubles in them too, nothing negative like a cactus or cauliflower.
Keeping the watermelon from being removed is out of your hands but helpful when you have removed all the other items. Keep shooting your papa like you did to start and the seeds will help your papa bounce around more. And if they are removed still keep shooting like you did to start for your best bounces and points.
Have fun!


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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 455”

  1. Alf Igel

    My strategy was a bit different; I did aim for the tips of the blueberry squares to open a path to the cans. Then shoot at the cans and get the multiplier before too much other things get removed. Still it is hard to get over 700,000 points at all.

    • Pat

      That strategy worked better, even though I had only 700,000 points after having removed all items, but still some papas left.
      Then shot straight down all remaining papas into the blueberries, and make them go up and down, scoring 10,000s of points with every jump.
      With 11 multipliers and six papas left I could well score over 1,135,000 points in the end!

    • Hans Wurst

      Once you have removed everything except for the yellow chilies, just let your remaining papas drop gently vertical into the blueberries, so that it will bounce several times up and down before jumping around. This will score enough points to pass the 700,000 easily.

  2. Pat

    Following your strategy, I got 12 multipliers, a lot of fire papas and some papa grandes, but not more than 650,000 points πŸ™


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