Papa Pear Saga Level 456, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 10 Power-Ups; 20,000 points.


This is an odd level to write tips for since they give you a multiplier power-up to start with and there are 4 unique items to remove for 4 multiplier power-ups. So all you have to do is make 5 power-ups, fireballs are the easiest, to win.
Don’t direct shoot at the acorns and onions, let the warp spinner get you over there. There are three emerge points, top right, inside the blueberry/mushroom box, and top left in that order continuously starting at one of them.
Let your papa bounce! With so many blueberries, the expanding red mushrooms, and the warp you never know what items you’ll remove or power-up you’ll make.
But where to shoot? Well off a wall for starters. Try bouncing across the left mushrooms when they are visible to send your papa into the left wall. If your timing is no good for hitting mushrooms put your aiming line on the top of the right cloud hitting the wall then somewhere on the blueberry. Your papa may bounce over the center box hitting the wall, into the box coming out any direction or into the warp, or miss entirely. Adjust up/down a bit and your papa might bounce off the blueberry onto the box eventually to the left wall.
If you have kept track of the warps emerge points and know the next papa into it will emerge on the upper right then bounce off the left wall into it for the fireball.
Same for the left side emerge, hit the right wall first.
I started by suggesting not to directly aim at any items for their multiplier power-up. But if you have an item down to their last hit needed shoot at it. No sense having one orange pepper or single acorn keeping you from the multiplier power-up.
These aren’t the greatest tips but get your papa bouncing and warping to win. You might even make a grade or doubler power-up too.


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