Papa Pear Saga Level 457, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 17 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 10,000 points.

Well King went and changed this for the worse. They took away 3 papas and put lids on the buckets that need to be hit twice to open. Yes the video shows 20 papas and no lids but it is the same aiming points and can be done with 17 or fewer papas.
Shooting on the left side.
1-See the candy “behind” the blueberry? Now see the blue dot just to the left of the blueberry and the pink dot above the blue one? You want your straight red aiming dot on the bottom of the pink dot or a tiny bit to the right still on the bottom so your papa bounces off the blueberry into the fruit area removing acorns and hopefully the orchid. Wait for the tree to be out of the way of the bounce. If you miss it’s okay since you have to break the lids anyway. If your papa just bounces out adjust ever so slightly left/right but not to the outside of the pink dot.
2-Use the tree. It’s a tricky shot too because you have to shoot at it once it starts moving to the opening/closing bamboo gap. And it takes a few successful shots to remove enough acorns to remove the orchid. Once in there your papa will break lids though.
Shooting at the right side:
1-Aiming on the bamboo. If we call the bamboo bit with the eyes “piece one” and the bit to it’s left “piece two” you can see a dividing line between “piece two” and “piece three”. Aim at the line between “two” and “three” so your papa makes a white bounce “poof” on “piece two” and bounces by the blueberry into the fruit area removing carrots and hitting a lid. Adjust slightly if the blueberry bounces your papa away.
2-Straight aim at the bamboo slant on the right side of the gap. This will get your papas moving the fruit around and remove carrots and breaking a lid.
3-If a fruit rolls up against the wall curve your aiming line and try to remove the carrots holding it. It’s a very hard shot because your papa moves slower and the gap from the moving blueberry is so brief.
4-Use the tree. If a fruit is leaning against the bamboo and won’t wall shoot a papa at the tree so they meet at the tree’s highest point removing a carrot head. You’ll have to do this shot many times since there are a bunch of carrots.
You’ll probably find it easier to win than reading all these shot options but f one shot isn’t working you have something else to try.



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5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 457”

  1. Alf Igel

    It got even worse, now you only have 15 papas for the level.

    It is crazy but when shot to the left, the papa will just bounce back and jump out of that left area the same way, not hitting anything. When you vary the aiming line just a tiny fraction, it will not go in, or into the wood.

  2. Pat

    This is impossible, and the explanations don’t really help. Varying the aiming line only by a single pixel let the papas jump to somewhere completely else.

  3. Hans Wurst

    You will never bring down the orange fruit, as it will always land on two acorns, and there is no way to remove those. Damned bullshit level!

    • Hans Wurst

      Sometimes a lucky bounce will remove these two acorns, and only then you have a chance.
      You must shoot at the wood when it is going down and the two moving bamboos are about to close the gap.
      Six papas left, almost 120,000 points.


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