Papa Pear Saga Level 458, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 17 Papas to Use 16 Power-Ups; 15,000 points.


Well these tips will be boring. Aim to the right wall so your aiming line is on the top part of the cloud just a bit higher than the picture. That will hit the doubler power-up. Keep shooting your papas into the warp spinner emerging twice by the left wall for fireball power-ups and twice by the right wall.
It may seem slow at first but once you start removing the ring of acorns your papa will start removing items in the center and entering other warps or hitting power-ups. If you remove upper acorns with a Fire Papa watch out for watermelon seeds.
Keep making fireballs unless you have a direct shot at one to help you remove more items, burn cactus’, and hit other power-ups.
Hitting the jars takes a lucky bounce and removing a blowing cauliflower the same luck.


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