Papa Pear Saga Level 459, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 17 Papas to Remove 24 Peas; 10,000 points.

Don’t hit the pea pod with a Fire Papa! Under the top leaves are fireballs which you’ll have to hit one so you can aim for the pea pod. Hope that it bounces into a bucket. There are blackberries under lower leaves between the blueberries.
You want to have your aiming line on the left cloud’s eyes with a clear bounce off the wall so remove the top left blackberry. When the pea pod is moving left, just as it passes or about to pass the 2nd blueberry of the four in the center shoot a papa. You should make peas and possibly remove them.
If you’ve made a lot of peas, more than 24, try removing them with some of the other fireballs under the leaves or direct shots.
Another shot is remove the fireball under the 4th leaf from the right and the blackberry above the pink and red striped candy. You want to bounce a papa off the blueberry above the candy when the the pea pod is at or just passing the 2nd blueberry on the left side of the four center ones. Make peas and remove them. This is a good shot if you accidentally burned part of the bottom of the pod.
It’s always better to make extra peas should your papa bounce away when you remove a pea and not hit others.



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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 459”

    • Hans Wurst

      Found a little bit different aiming line that hits the pea pods. 25 peas made and still 6 papas left, also some fireballs produced but none in the path luckily. Far over 80,000 points!

  1. Hans Wurst

    Yeah, that’s definitely one of the most stupid levels in this game. And even when you try to do it like described, you will produce more additional fireballs than peas :-(((

  2. val mossop

    where is there a solution for the 459 level with 2 moving pea pods?


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