Papa Pear Saga Level 460, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 550,000 points.


Make multipliers to help you win. You don’t want to make fireball bonuses either or you’ll burn the peas. There’s one in a jar under the leaves between the pea pods which will burn enough of them if you break it. Inside each blackberry ring are a mystery can that have either a multiplier or a cactus in them.
Aim to the right so your papa goes down the wall making peas and into the vacuum plant. You can keep shooting to the wall to get sucked into the plant or try getting your papa between the blackberries and left pea pod. Doing this will possibly have your papa hit the mystery can, hopefully a multiplier, and remove some blackberries and maybe make a grande bonus.
If you made a grande bonus use it if you can. With all the blackberries, yellow chilies, and other items you’ll make some good points. Sacrifice a papa if a mystery can had a cactus if it’s not sleeping so the Papa Grande can remove it. If you make a multiplier wait a bit to see if the Papa Grande will hit it. If not use a papa to hit it. Same thing for any remaining chili pieces. Remove them and hit their multiplier.
Pop that vacuum plant for another multiplier if you didn’t already and see what items are left to hit. With the multipliers hit removing any blackberries will give you big points and a multiplier. Hitting lots of peas will generate points too. Try for peas outside the pods so you don’t break the jar burning the pods. If it happens and you’ve gotten all the easy multiplier items bounce off blueberries for points. At this point you should have the points needed to win.


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