Papa Pear Saga Level 463, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 60 Onions; 25,000 points.

Make your papas bounce, bounce, bounce to help you win. Start by shooting two papas to one side and a third to the other. This will cause a lot of bouncing and weakening or removal of onions and acorns for possible grande bonuses. It also has the potential to get papas between the cauliflowers, hitting them for full blowing strength and more onion weakening/removal.
You won’t make any fireball bonuses at first but can when there’s a lot of items removed. Use any grande bonuses you made immediately. They will remove a lot of onions/acorns and might make another grande bonus. If you do have an accessible fireball bonus try to have it hit a grande bonus. With the right bouncing the Fire Papa Grande will really remove onions/acorns.
When down to the to the last few, or more, look for purple and yellow. Watch as they move up and down and shoot a papa off the wall so it bounces back and forth on them if that’s where some are. If they are side by side groupings shoot between the two to bounce and remove them.
If it’s just a few onions needed look for purple ones, aim carefully, and try to bounce your papa to another onion. If a cauliflower is blowing, especially the edge ones, it makes direct shooting at edge onions almost impossible.Β 



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  1. Pat

    Made a better experience with shooting one papa to the left, one to the right, and just let a third one just drop down gently: 240,000 points πŸ™‚


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