Papa Pear Saga Level 464, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 10,000 points.


Burn pea pods and the cactus’ to help you win. Making the fireball bonuses is the hard part. Having the edge cauliflowers blowing at full strength helps. If you want to try to curve your aiming line to hit the edge cauliflowers you can but your papa might get blown away or possibly remove it if you get an odd bounce.
Put your aiming line on the right cloud’s eyes to bounce off the wall and hopefully over to the left wall for a fireball bonus. You’ll lose papas doing this because of the way the cactus move and cauliflower blow so wait for the cactus to be at different heights before you shoot.
Once you make a fireball use it trying to burn the cactus first if possible and pea pods after, depending where it is. You need that cactus and as many of the pea pods burned as you can. The further inside you can get your Fire Papa, especially the center pea pod, the better.
Once you’ve burned everything you need to remove the edge cauliflowers with a lucky bounce if they haven’t been removed already. To get at the center cauliflower and lid, put your aiming line on the top of the right cloud to bounce your papa in the pea pod gap where the acorn is. You want to shoot when the burned cactus is moving up and when the center cauliflower is blowing away so both items don’t interfere with your papa. Adjust up/down to enter the gap and hope your papa doesn’t bounce back out which it might. And then you need the right bounce to hit the center lid or gray bucket. Hopefully a Fire Papa hit it first doing double damage.
If the wood lid is still on try for the center first. Any bad bounces will hit it. If you’re aiming to the left over the cloud’s head for the center bucket, don’t remove the red lid first in case of odd bounces like the right side shot.
The end buckets, if not lit, need a nice curved aiming line to break them. Watch out for the upward moving cactus which will get in the way of your shot. Don’t try breaking the jars because your papa may bounce away from the lid.



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  1. Hans Wurst

    That fire bonus is made only very rarely. Much more often you will loose a papa on a cactus.

    It is better to gently drop the papas into the pea pods on left and right, filling the four buckets, and then drop six more paps into the same bucket to get a bucket lighter for the center bucket.


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