Papa Pear Saga Level 466, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 500,000 points.


Bounce to make grande bonuses, make multipliers, and hit existing ones to win. King lowered the points.
There are four yellow chilies and four blackberries to make two quick multipliers. When removing them try to get your papa to bounce and remove other items making a grande bonus. The area between the pea pods and a shot between the center carrot and pea pod are potential grande making areas.
Hitting the existing multipliers under the bamboo bits requires an upward bounce off an item, nothing that you can directly aim at, but will happen since the acorns/onions all move a bit.
Using any grande bonuses will remove lots of items but if you’ve got wide gaps where the carrots were they could fall straight into buckets. Having Papa Grandes bouncing off pea pods will help you earn points if you hit the multipliers earlier.
You’ll probably pass this quicker than the time it took to read this. Make your multipliers and grande bonuses, hit them, and win.


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14 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 466”

  1. josh andrews

    How do I play on after beating level 465 on Papa Pear Saga I have seen that there is at least 495 levels and would like to play on but if it doesnt let me Im gonna have to uninstall and play something else. Please reply ASAP

    • Chris

      Having the same issue. Level 465 is there and then just ” coming soon” message for the rest.

  2. Graham Perkins

    What do I have to do to pass level 465 as it
    says coming soon I’m thinking I have to uninstal the gme then install it again. Please let me know. Thank you


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