Papa Pear Saga Level 467, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 35 Onions; 35,000 points.


At least King gave a lot of onions to try to get the 35. Usually they have less than 5 extra of the item needing removal. It’s probably because of the annoying cactus and cauliflower they put in.
Removing the cauliflower soon as possible is a must. Put your straight aiming line on the eyes of the right cloud so when you have a clear shot, no cactus or seeds, your papa bounces on the 4th piece of carrot from the wall. That will bounce your papa into the cauliflower and all over the board removing items. Wait for it to die then shoot again at the same spot. Your papa should bounce up removing the cauliflower and other items. If not, try bouncing a papa off a carrot edge, or, if clear of carrots, an onion.
Once the cauliflower is removed aim to the right wall and shoot one so your papa bounces on that group of onions. With the right bounce your papa will drop, removing carrots, and possibly hit the grande under the rightmost leaf by the bottom cluster of peas removing more onions. You may make a grande or doubler bonus too. Only shoot one papa at a time since you don’t know where they’ll bounce.
The left side onions are harder to hit because of the mushrooms and tree (and cactus too.) Aim at the middle brown mushroom (all invisible in picture) when it’s disappearing to remove carrots and hopefully onions. Having all the carrots from the middle to the wall will help you make fireball bonuses easier. With the carrots gone, and possibly brown mushrooms you can shoot papas off the left wall to remove onions.
There’s a fireball under the leaf by the bottom peas that the holly spinner is “pointing” at. Your papa will hit it as it removes the carrots, hopefully weakening or removing onions.
Making fireball bonuses requires the right side blueberry to have carrots around it removed. Aim as high as you can to the right and once the cactus moves to the right past the left cloud shoot your papa. The mushrooms will disappear and your papa will hit the left wall making the fireball bonus. Make a few fireballs because Fire Papas only weaken the onions unless they bounce back at them.

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  1. Alf Igel

    The cauliflower is harmless, and you better do not hit it, or it will blow stronger and makes the right side unreachable.
    But it is important to remove the melon quickly, and get that multiplier soon to get a good score (260k).


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