Papa Pear Saga Level 469, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 16 Papas to Use 14 Power-Ups; 35,000 points.


You are going to have to make grande and fireball power-ups to help you win this updated level. The video shows 12 power-ups but reading this will get you 14 if we don’t make a new video quickly. Don’t count on the mystery cans for a lot of help either. You may get one multiplier making power-up and the others useless (nut, blueberry) or dangerous (cactus, bubble plant) items.
Aim at the right wall above the onions and shoot a papa when the cauliflower is blowing almost down (5 o’clock) to hit the wall and weaken or remove onions. Your papa may get blow into the cactus, hit the cauliflower for full blowing strength, or drop down and start breaking jars. You want to remove that cauliflower quickly so if you have a gap in the onions aim higher so your papa bounces off the wall removing the cauliflower. If your papa isn’t blown into the cactus after its been removed shoot 2 more papas to remove upper onions, break the jars with sideways bounces to avoid the cactus’, and remove carrots, the mushroom, onions for grande power-ups along with hitting the jar power-ups. Removing the lower right cauliflower is a nice bonus too.
The warp spinner emerges your papa three spots on each side, under the wall side cactus’ which will kill it if awake, at 11 o’clock of the top onion circles, and above or just inside the bottom onion circles. You need your papa to emerge on the left side to break the jars, remove items for multiplier power-ups, make fireball and grande power-ups, and hopefully burn cactus’.
Remove as many carrots as you can for a possible grande power-up and hitting the center three power-ups too. 


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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 469”

  1. Pat

    I don’t see how to get more than twelve power-ups, as you can forget to remove all the onions and all the carrots – there are just too many, and the warp is sucking your papas away.

    • Hans Wurst

      12 are possible, but more???
      Tips don’t help either, are even wrong.
      Shooting when the right cauliflower is at 5 is much too late, better shoot when it is blowing up.


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