Papa Pear Saga Level 470, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 19 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 10,000 points.


The picture says 16 papas, but it’s changed to 19 and can still be done wit the 16 in the video.
The warp spinner always has your papa emerge above the left cabbage picture always moving the way you entered it so you can create a lot of fireball bonuses.
Start on the right side, shooting a papa straight to the wall as the blueberry moves farthest to the right. Your papa should bounce off the wall, hit some cauliflower(s), then a lid. Shoot again to light the bucket. Don’t worry if you miss and start bouncing off cauliflower and into the warp since removing cauliflowers will help you win.
If the right side has a lid or gray bucket you can’t hit work on the left side. Any papas blown into the warp should have damaged the lids. Use a curved aiming line to bounce off the wall to hit and open those buckets.
You will probably remove a lot of cauliflowers by bouncing on them and trying any fireballs to light buckets. Removing the cauliflower right under each blueberries requires you to bounce off the moving blueberry as it’s moving back to the center if they aren’t removed already. Those being removed will help you make direct shots at buckets easier.


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