Papa Pear Saga Level 471, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 8 Mushrooms; 25,000 points.


Start by removing as many yellow chilies as you can use 2 or even 3 papas. Try making fireball and grande bonuses too.
Now that you have access to the mushrooms use any easily hittable fireball bonuses to try to hit the mushrooms and burn up pea pods and bubble plants. The bubbles can be a real nuisance, especially if your papa gets stuck on a plant, making both bubbles and peas.
This level being a fish tank design, which is meant to relax you while you wait for the moving blueberries to give you a shooting gap. Look for any weakened (white) mushrooms before you shoot. Use the fireball and doublers as fish eyes to power up your papas and hopefully remove the mushrooms. A Fire Papa can weaken or remove a lot of mushrooms so try for those over the pink and orange buckets. Any powered up papa hitting the doublers will hopefully help too.
If you did burn up a lot of pea pods and removed a lot of the fish items try bouncing off a wall to remove the mushrooms if you can’t wait for the blueberries.
The three mushrooms on the right can be removed if you removed the yellow chilies tail and multiplier making fish with a curved aiming line and timing. Hitting any multipliers is up to you.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    This is a pure luck level, nothing else. With all the peas and bubbles made it is completely incalculable when and where your papa will bounce to. So every mushroom hit is just a pure coincidence, nothing else.


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