Papa Pear Saga Level 472, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 700,000 points.


This level is all about making multipliers as fast as you can and having Papa Grandes bouncing on blueberries. Hitting some of the right side multipliers requires a bounce off the blueberry that you can see in the video. It’s not an easy shot and as the game progresses your papa may bounce up from underneath hitting one or two.
The yellow chilies are a quick removal for a multiplier and potential grande bonus maker. The red peppers over the buckets can be difficult to remove, especially the edge ones. Of course the cactus is a papa killer as you go for the potato sticks but blackberries are fairly easy. A lucky bounce on the right blueberry may have your papa hit some of those multipliers. And the carrots as the game goes on will make another multiplier.
That’s the possible problem, removing too many items so you can’t earn points. Having Papa Grandes make grande bonuses is important as is bouncing on blueberries for points. Surprisingly, you don’t make a lot of peas but a Papa Grande bouncing between the pea pod and bamboo, bouncing on items or blueberries, will earn points. And getting a papa bouncing inside the acorn/onion circles might get you a grande bonus and break the jar for it’s power-up item.
When down to your last few shots go for items that will bounce you to other items. Can you tell that I struggled with this one by now? You’ll probably breeze through it.

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  1. Pat

    Did everything as described, never got more than 300 to 400 thousand points in a game. This does not work!


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