Papa Pear Saga Level 473, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 5,000 points.


You’ll hate peas, possibly, when this is over. And if you have a lemon AND apple you might as well quit since they don’t roll nicely. Apples are the worst.
There’s no direct shot at the fireballs, you need to bounce off a pea to hit them. If you do make a Fire Papa hope it burns up a lot of pods. Sorry if you were hoping they’d be easy to get at.
Getting rid of all the 5 pea horizontal lines first will prevent 2 fruit from possibly covering them making it harder to remove the peas. Shoot a papa at the two peas closest to the top pods and see what it removes. Do this on one side to start with because your papa may bounce to the other side making peas and removing the other sides 5 pea lines.
Once the lines are removed curve your aiming line to start the first fruit moving. If there are peas blocking it’s path shoot a papa at them too. What you want is a few papas leading the fruit down to the buckets. Start on just one side. Start the wall side fruit moving and also shoot at any peas blocking the first one. You always want to keep papas in front of fruit clearing the way.
Yes it mat seem futile constantly shooting multiple papas toward the same area but eventually one will bounce a different way removing other peas. Multiple papas have a better chance of freeing the fruit.
Papa Grandes are very helpful in the beginning, especially leading fruit. As the screen gets full of peas there is more of a chance of it getting stuck on a pod making lots of peas. If you get a low grande
bonus in what looks like a helpful spot try to hit it.
Unfortunately you can’t bounce off the stem ends of the middle pods to get past the lower bamboo to help free fruit stuck close to the buckets. If you have a lot of peas in the center area try bouncing off one maybe removing some in the area you want.
If any fruit luckily bounced to the center so it’s laying on the center bucket edge DON’T waste your papas to remove the lid. Other papas will open lids.

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  1. Alf Igel

    No need to get any firepapa. Just make the fruits rolling down; hitting the peas that stop them is all you need to do, except for the lemon. And also that can be made moving when a papa pushes from behind. Did this in the first game and made three stars.


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