Papa Pear Saga Level 477, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 30,000 points.




You need to make fireballs and having one in the jar, not a doubler, is nice to have too.
This is a one papa shot at a time level too. Start by aiming above the left cauliflower. Soon as it drops below your aiming line shoot to hit it and send your papa potentially to the right wall for a fireball bonus. You’ll probably end up removing items before hopefully hitting a lid. Shoot again, same way, to remove the cauliflower and see what your papa removes or makes.
Next is getting the right side cauliflower blowing. Bounce your papa off the right wall hitting the cauliflower so it removes more items, breaks a lid, or makes a fireball bonus. Bounce off the wall again when the cauliflower is higher, hitting it again, and your papa may go over the bird hat for a fireball bonus.
If you’ve made any fireballs use them. Removing the yellow chilies and carrots is important and burning up any cactus while opening lids, especially the end cactus, makes shooting easier. If you don’t have any fireballs bounce off the right wall at a high point as the cauliflower gets close. You don’t want to remove it yet but will have to when trying for the right side lids and breaking the jar. Once you’ve made fireball bonuses remove the cauliflower.
Like before, hit any fireballs to remove items, burn cactus, and break/light buckets. Breaking the jar, if not already, can be done by shooting straight down, if the chilies and acorns are removed, to make a Fire Papa maybe hitting the doubler for more item removal and lid breaking/bucket lighting.
Hitting the right side fireball requires a bounce off the leaf side of the right blueberry or removing the carrot with a bounce off the wall. Burning up the right cactus will make lighting that bucket much easier.
With lots of items removed and cactus hopefully burned you should easily light any buckets with straight or curved aiming line shots.


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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 477”

  1. Alf Igel

    Now 22 papas!

    You cannot make fireballs by hitting the left cauliflower, and you cannot either by with the help of the right one, it just won’t blow them far enough.

    I used a given fireball, and it went direct down the bucket – so what? They always do this… 🙁

    Made over 200,000 points anyway 🙂

    • Hans Wurst

      I got some fireballs with the above described method, but it is a lucky shot. I aimed behind the cauliflower when it was in its lowest point.
      My last shot was a lucky bounce into the given fire bonus, and it actually did drop in the last closed bucket, which is very rare in this game…
      171k scored.


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