Papa Pear Saga Level 480, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 850,000 points.



You want to bounce, bounce, and bounce some more for really insanely high scores. First, shoot 2 or 3 papas at the acorn/onions that spell FIRE as a hint telling you to make Fire Papas. The papas will remove a lot of the acorns/onions making a grande bonus or two. Hopefully, a papa or two will hit the right then eventually left wall for fireball bonuses.
Use the fireball bonuses to burn the cactus’ by the warp spinner and two inside the blueberry area. There are 4 emerge spots for your papa, each at the edge of the moving cactus’. Having the Fire Papa burn the two cactus’ makes it safer to hit multipliers and a Papa Grande will remove the burned or sleeping cactus’ creating two areas for your papa to get stuck making lots of points.
Removing all the acorns/onions, cauliflowers, and yellow chilies will make 4 more multipliers too for more points.

NEW UPDATE: now 1,900,000 POINTS:

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17 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 480”

  1. renee

    don’t need to pray for sunny weather I live in the desert its always here , LOL ,, thank you for the new levels coming πŸ™‚

  2. renee

    I guess there isn’t going to be new levels soon , I am going to be giving up another game it was fun while it lasted Thanks ,Bye

      • Hans Wurst

        Nope, they definitely aren’t, as you will never break the score limit with your old tips.

        You need a completely new approach: Start with shooting at the left wall into the warp in the moment when all cactus come together on one spot. Aim such that the papa will only gently touch the warp on the lower side, so no cactus will kill it. When yo have collected most multipliers, then go for the onions and make fireballs.

        Finally I had collected all 16 multipliers and scored almost 4 million points, while with the old approach I hardly ever came close to 1 million only.

    • Shirley

      why did you raise the amount of points required??? this isn’t fair and it’s very hard. I am barely getting what everyone else WAS required which was the 850,000 it really makes me mad to the point i may just quit this game!

  3. Scott

    So I’ve reached 1,900,000, no pears left, and the level just sits there and won’t finish. Annoying!!!


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