Papa Pear Saga Level 482, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 22 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 50,000 points.



Another older video but that had lids that weren’t so damaged so you should pass this easier with the right bounce off the blueberries and timed shots.
You need to remove the blackberries and onions for a better shot later so let your papa bounce around hitting them. If your papa didn’t hit the fireballs keep removing blackberries until you have a direct shot at the fireballs. Burn as many cactus’ as you can, hopefully the Fire Papa will remove the carrots to burn another cactus and eventually do lid damage.
Ignore the watermelon areas. Without a grande bonus in that area the cactus will constantly kill your papas.
It’s possible with lucky bounces to get your papa stuck on the right side between the mushrooms and bamboo. It will fall onto the right bucket edge. You can also study the timing of the cactus’ and mushroom disappearing to straight shoot onto the end lids. The right side is easier because of the red mushroom slant. Both onions must be removed. Hitting the left lid with an unburned cactus needs the blackberries removed. Watch the timing of the mushrooms on the cannon and the cactus. You want your aiming line to follow the slant of the upper red mushrooms. You will be able to hit the left lid with patience.
The red, center, and wood lids depend on if you’ve burned the cactus or not. If burned start in that area first. Aim at the bamboo below the eyes or if you’ve removed the brown mushrooms curve your aiming line and wait for the lone red mushroom to be ready to disappear and shoot.
If you have an unburned cactus try bouncing off a bamboo and burned cactus to hit the lid on it’s other side and not deal with killer spikes.

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