Papa Pear Saga Level 483, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 24 Papas to Remove 10 Watermelon; 120,000 points.


Having a fireball bonus to burn peas and cactus is extremely helpful so shoot at the right side bamboo with your aiming dot above the 2nd from the wall bamboo section divider (line between 2nd and 3rd bamboo part of the 5 part long bamboo). The bounce won’t have you directly hit the cactus and hopefully your papa will bounce over the cactus toward the left wall. If so, be ready to shoot another papa at it so it hits the wall making the fireball bonus.
Obviously if you make a fireball bonus do your best to hit it since they can appear in hard to hit spots. If you didn’t make a fireball see if you made a grande bonus. Having a Papa Grande will help remove the top 2 watermelons if it’s on the side, especially with the cauliflower blowing, and if sleeping, the top cactus. The only problem with the Papa Grande is that it can make a lot of peas.
Now the center watermelons. If you have an acorn/onion blocking the seed shoot at the outside pea pod trying to get your papa wedged between the watermelon and pod. Remove the acorn/onions blocking the next set of watermelons. It only gets harder from here.
Removing the middle watermelons needs you to watch the seed timing and possibly help from any still remaining cauliflower. They can blow your papa removing acorns/onions hitting the watermelon. You can’t aim for the cauliflower, it just happens. Having the top cactus removed, not just burned, helps too since you can curve your aiming line.
The bottom two watermelon in the center are the hardest. Hitting the two bottom watermelons by the walls under the bamboo is by lucky bounces. Break the jars if not already done from a papa rolling up the moving bamboo and remove and use the power-ups. If you get a grande power-up try to put the cactus to sleep so your Papa Grande will remove it.
The best way to remove the now seed spiting watermelons is to get your papa trapped under the moving bamboo. Try bouncing your papa off pea pods to get it down to the watermelons. If that doesn’t work aim at a wall by the eyes on right side or door on left side to get your papa to roll up the moving bamboo and drop down onto a watermelon. Having a burnt cactus is needed so your papas aren’t killed. Not an easy shot since it needs adjusting up or down and pea free area.
If the top wall side watermelon are still there and cauliflower are removed you need to remove the acorn/onion at the end of the bamboo and one under the eyes. Aim just at or below the bamboo, watch the seed timing, and you can directly hit the lower edge of the watermelon.

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  1. Hans Wurst

    It is not possible to get the bottom water melons at all. In all the many games I played, the center ones have not even been touched once. It is more likely that one of the outer ones get touched once by a lucky bounce, In the center the papas will always roll down the bamboo to the side. Most stupid level since quite a time…


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