Papa Pear Saga Level 484, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: 27 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 25,000 points.

Another changed level by King, easier than the previous version. Shoot to the left wall over the jar lid to have your papa bounce off the wall and jar breaking it. If that papa misses the fireball shoot another papa at the wall to make the Fire Papa. You want the Fire Papa to go down by the row of onions and roll left toward the blueberry and bounce above the bottom fruit removing the onions and pea dropping the fruit into a bucket opened by the Fire Papa.
Shoot a papa or two between the top two pea pod circles to remove acorns/onions and make a Fire Papa to burn pea pods and remove the lower acorns/onions around the blueberry. Removing the acorns/onions around the blueberry is important so the fruit doesn’t get stuck and unable to fall into the buckets.
To drop the top left fruit remove the two onions and bounce off the inner corner of the 2 pea pea pod if your onion removal didn’t bounce your papa in to drop the fruit. If the bottom left fruit didn’t drop with the Fire Pap before really curve your aiming line to bounce off the 2 pea pod section to send your papa onto the top two onions, removing them, to get access to the fruit. You’ll make a lot of peas unfortunately so drop other fruit first.
Top right fruit should be easy after you remove the top pea. Curve your aiming line to bounce your papa off the onions to remove them then remove the right side onion holding the fruit. Having the acorns/onions in that horizontal row removed earlier when making the Fire Papa in the center jar gives the fruit room to drop.
Bottom right fruit needs the fireball to make a Fire Papa to burn the pea pod under the fruit if it doesn’t bounce over and remove the onions dropping the fruit. If the Fire Papa does get stuck under the fruit curve your aiming line to bounce your papa onto the onions. You might have to bounce off the pea pod by your score to get onto the onions or shoot down between the center pea pods to remove lots of extra peas you release. Keep shooting and you should eventually get a papa down to the onions. Hopefully it won’t be a fruit like the lemon or apple which need a push sometimes.

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