Papa Pear Saga Level 485, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: Use All Papas; 960,000 points.

The video shows you needing 900,000 points but it scored over 1 million and King added 2 multipliers and 2 papas after the video to make it easier. But you still need to make fireball bonuses to burn the cactus.
To make a fireball bonus shoot as high to the left wall as you can. You want your papas, try 3, one at a time after you hit the wall, to bounce on and over the cauliflowers to blow to the right wall for the fireball and not just get sucked into the vacuum plants or killed by cactus. If the cauliflower are in full blow strength it makes hitting the walls much harder but removing the center two easier because your papa can suddenly drop hitting them.
If you’ve made any fireball do your best to hit them so they remove items, hopefully burn cactus, and get sucked into a vacuum plant. Keep trying for fireballs until one of the pants pops. You want any Fire Papas or normal ones to remove items and get sucked into the other plant to pop it burning cactus (lower 4 and top center sided most importantly), removing more items, and making multipliers and possibly grande bonuses.
Now look at the board and see what you have. Hit any multipliers first. If you still have cauliflower left remove them. If it’s a center one try bouncing your papa off the corner of the blueberry to remove it. Wall ones need your aiming line between the acorn/onion ring and the cauliflower. Wait until the cauliflower is blowing toward the center (closest to the acorns/onions) then shoot to remove it.
If you made a grande bonus or two first put any spikes out cactus to sleep so you can remove them when you start bouncing off any items, but more importantly, blueberries and red mushrooms for points. A normal sized papa will make points too but it’s harder to bounce off the blueberries and mushrooms being small.

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  1. Alf Igel

    You might as well shoot at the right wall for a fireball bonus. I made several more during the game.
    Over 1.7 million points are possible. Had 12 multipliers collected and two more on the board.


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