Papa Pear Saga Level 486, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins




Task: 21 Papas to Use 7 Grandes; 50,000 points.

King changed this level so you need 7, not 10 Grandes like in the video so play it the same way.
The warp spinners have your papa emerge in between the two acorn/blackberry triangles or somewhere moving left and right by the buckets. Start by shooting at the left wall so your papa enters the warp, emerges between the triangles and bounces your papa to the other wall for a fireball bonus.If your papa emerges below hope it hits the right wall for the fireball. It’s important to burn up all the top cactus’!
If you don’t make a fireball You can start removing the acorns and blackberries to hit hose fireballs making Fire Papas to burn some cactus and hopefully get sucked into a vacuum plant. Bounce papas off the left wall, about a third of the way down when the warp is at its lowest to get sucked into the plant. This will give you possible chances at making fireballs when the plant pops if any papas enter the warp.
With five papas bouncing in a small area one may bounce through the blueberry gap and hit a Grande if the 2 moving blueberries are out of the way. Others will bounce out possibly hitting the warp but hopefully heading to the other vacuum plant. You might have one that keeps bouncing making a grande too.
After everything settles down curve your aiming line to pop the right side vacuum plant. Again, see what happens with the 5 papas and what grandes you hit or make and cactus hopefully burned.
If you made any grandes make sure any non burned cactus are asleep so they can be removed. You want the Papa Grande to get stuck between two columns of blueberries to make another grande and make lots of points.
Making grandes can be tricky because of how your papa bounces off the blueberries. One good area is where the vacuum plants were. Aim at the third blueberry and see if it bounces enough to make a grande. The papa may bounce out and into another blueberry area. You don’t want it going in a warp because you don’t know if it will emerge on top.
And if you’ve removed a cauliflower and the grande is still there aim carefully to hit it.

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6 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 486”

    • Hans Wurst

      Probably impossible to beat, as papa grandes return to normal size after some rather short time now, so they won’t make more than probably 20 million points each…

  1. Alf Igel

    Instead of making fireballs – which doesn’t work at all – simply use the two given ones, that can easily be reached after the acorns and blueberries have been removed.

    • Hans Wurst

      Making the fireball bonus worked well for me. It was placed right in the center, killing the two cactus below, and then almost all others.
      Making another grande bonus seemed to be very hard, until a grande was between two columns of blueberries, and the papa just was bouncing back and forth until it timed out. Meanwhile it put another grande at a similar place, and that did bounce forever, too. Each scored about 20 million points, almost 43 million altogether!!!


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