Papa Pear Saga Level 488, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: 19 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 50,000 points.

An awful level. You need to make a fireball and then have the Fire Papa hit some doublers for any chance of winning because of all the cactus.
Aim to the left and as the carrot is moving away from the wall shoot your papa. Quickly re-aim to the right if your papa gets past the nut so you can shoot another papa to push it into the wall for a fireball.
If you make one in a hittable area make a Fire Papa and hope it hits a doubler and one of them bounces to the other side. You want to remove as many of the items on the board, watermelons, acorns/onions, yellow chilies and burn cactus too. Hitting the pink bucket lighter would be a nice thing too, especially if it lights the center bucket.
See what lids need opening or buckets lighting and what items are left on the board. Use any doublers to remove more items and hit or light buckets. If the center one isn’t lit you need to curve your aiming line so it gets past the nut. Watch the timing of the mushrooms and shoot when they are about to disappear. If you mistime the shot your papa still has a chance of hitting the lids or lighting buckets so aim to the side that needs lighting.
If you didn’t make a fireball to start with try to remove the watermelons by hitting both with one shot, not individually. Use the top doublers to remove acorns/onions and you might make grande bonus. Make a Papa Grande so it can remove items and possibly cactus before shrinking.
There is no direct shot at the center fireball. You need blackberries removed and a lucky bounce to hit it.
As bad as these tips are you may get lucky and things bounce your way. Keep at it and you will win.

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6 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 488”

  1. Alf Igel

    Making fireballs does not work as described. The papas will hit the coconut, which stops their movement, and fall on the cactus. Always the same…
    This is a horrible papa massacre, and by the time something opens up you won’t have enough papas left to open all lids.

  2. Diana Grysbeck

    I have been on this level quite a while. It is VERY hard to get a fireball, and even when you do, it is down in the middle of one side and hard to reach. This results in not enough papa pears to get to all the buckets. Too difficult!

    • Hans Wurst

      This is how I passed the game finally:
      Made a fireball with the first shot, hit it with the second papa, that firepapa did hit the doubler, one hit a grande bonus and made another one, which the other firepapa did hit, then it did hit the other doubler, and it hit also the bucket opener. So four buckets were opened with three papas only!
      Scored 890,000 points: had four multipliers (x5) and 13 papas left!!!


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