Papa Pear Saga Level 490, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: Use All Papas; 1,000,000 points.

King added the multiplier under the upper yellow chilies not seen in the video but play it the same.
Aim straight down to remove the yellow chili and hit the multiplier. Hope for just acorns and not a mix of acorns/onions between the chilies to remove them and hit three more multipliers. Your papa will remove items before hopefully getting sucked into a vacuum plant.
Curve your aiming line between the brown mushrooms to the right so when they disappear and the cactus has moved you hit the fireball. Keeping your Fire Papa, and all others ones you make, by the blackberries is very important because they make lots of points.
Hopefully your Fire Papa removed the top right red pepper or you’re going to have too. If you burned any of the cactus try to hit the red pepper then bounce off the burned cactus to remove it. Curve your aiming line where the red pepper was and aim at a lower side of the fireball to start a good Fire Papa bounce burning cactus and removing items on the right side of the board.
The far left fireball needs two papas. Aim over the top cactus at the wall then shoot a papa to put the top cactus to sleep. Now drop your aiming line as close to the sleeping cactus and shoot a papa soon as the bottom cactus starts moving to the right. Hopefully the Fire Papa burns up the cactus and removes lots of items before a plant, again hopefully, sucks it in.
Time to look at what’s left on the board and what cactus’ are burned. Do your best to hit any multipliers them and get sucked into a plant. If you’ve burned the end cactus’ and have the red pepper, carrots, and acorns/onions shoot over the top of the burned cactus to bounce on these items to remove them and have your papa affected by the plant pulling it toward more items. Look to the stem ends of the pea pods. If you have blackberries there aim at the stem to get your papa between the pea pod and blackberries for removal with the same plant attraction. Now if the plants are ready to pop try to hit one so the other plant sucks in papas and pops too for a multiplier and more possible item removal.

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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 490”

  1. Hans Wurst

    This app is programmed so badly, I see it happen again and again that a papa passes through a multiplier (or other bonus) that you just got a moment before…

    • Hans Wurst

      Another funny thing that sometimes happens (but shouldn’t): A papa already disappeared into a bucket can be sucked out of it again by a vacuum plant!

      Scored close to 1.25 million points.


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