Papa Pear Saga Level 492, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: 20 Papas to Remove 38 Acorns; 25,000 points.

A lot of your success will depend on the number of acorns are above the holly spinners. You need to get a papa under the cauliflower too, preferably in Fire Papa mode.
Start by bouncing your papa on the acorn/onion to the right of the center nut removing the three items. Bounce a papa off the right nut to either head to any center acorns or to the right removing the yellow chili. You want your papa to bounce off the curve of onions to hit the fireball making a Fire Papa. Now hope your Fire Papa burns the cactus, onions, acorns, and either gets under the cauliflower or by the center bucket. Hopefully you will make a grande bonus too.
See what “easy” upper acorns are available and curve your aiming line to get your papa between the onion curve and the acorns to remove them.
Remove the onions by the hopefully burned cactus to help you shoot a papa by the acorns near the holly spinners.
If you made a grande make sure the outer cactus are sleeping so you can remove them and hopefully make a fireball bonus. If you make one obviously use it and try to get side to side bounces removing items and acorns.
Unfortunately this level, like these tips, starts out strong then fizzles to the end.

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  1. renee_lynn2002

    why was my comment removed it showed when I put it in ? . I will ask again ,, on this level 492 does not show the whirl pool for the papa pear to go in when I am playing it , are you able to put for us to help pass this level ? hope so having trouble , Thank You very much ..


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