Papa Pear Saga Level 493, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: 23 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 20,000 points.

You need fireballs and grades to help you win this level. You know how make grandes so here’s how to make the fireballs.
Look at the right side cloud and the two extra bits above the red mushroom. You want to curve your aiming line so there are 5 dots from the blueberry up to the top bit of cloud so the 5th dot is just a tiny bit abovethe little cloud bit. You want the blueberry dot near the leaf and your pointer is about even with the dots on the clouds hat. It’s hard aiming too because of the moving bamboo.
Shoot a papa once the bamboo starts moving to the right and your papa should bounce off the right wall, over and on the bamboo, and off the mushrooms into the left wall for the fireball. Wait to see what happens to the shot papa, hopefully making a grande, and shoot again making another one until you have what you think is enough.
Using the fireballs you want your Fire Papas to burn the cactus blocking the way down to the buckets. The Fire Papa will extinguish going back to normal and be recalled to the papa shooter. If you get a Fire Papa on burned cactus you may make a grande too.
Now you need Papa Grandes to remove the burned or both sleeping cactus. Removing the cauliflower is important too so you can have a better chance at lighting the buckets. Removing the cauliflower needs either all the brown mushrooms and onions removed and the red mushrooms visible to trap your papa so the cauliflower gets hit on its side as it rotates or any type of papa to hit it from underneath. Fire Papas do a good job at removing them because of their fire aura.
once the cauliflower are removed, you can shoot a papa down the bamboo “V” and hope the moving bamboo don’t push it into an already lit bucket. Don’t let a blowing cauliflower stop you from opening lids. Keep trying for lids and a bamboo can push your papa into the cauliflower.

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5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 493”

  1. Daniele

    the layout seems different on my iPad then on your demonstration for setting up the shots. My blueberry can’t be lined up in the same way with the cloud. Is there a different way I can get fire papas on the ipad

    • Alf Igel

      Same for me, making fireballs is impossible the way described. You either don’t hit the right wall, so no fireball, or the papa will never make it to the left wall.
      Anyway, made the level with almost 480,000 points.

      • Hans Wurst

        With some luck, it sometimes works to make fire bonus, but it really needs a lot of lucky bouncing, and then it needs even more luck to get the fire bonus in the right place, and even much more luck for it not to go down an already lighted bucket, as it just too often does.

        Had 8 papas left, scored 330k, and it could have been more, as two multipliers could not be hit πŸ™

  2. Kathy

    Been stuck for 5 days. Checked all the tips and tricks and youtube. Came close but never succeeded.

    • Kathy

      I finally passed this level with 3 stars. Did you make it easier? A very strange level.


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