495 1Papa Pear Saga Level 495, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


First of all make yourself nice cup of coffee, or a glass of wine…make it a two…..sit comfortably and save your nervous !!!!

You will need 50 lives to pass this level like I just did but you will pass it!

Remember it is JUST A GAME 😉



Task: Use All Papas; 800,000 points.

Another awful level. You’ll probably lose lives to start but don’t lose hope. Same with the points too.
You need a fireball to burn the top cactus, hopefully in a good spot. Shoot at the wall to weaken an onion or remove the acorn and bounce your papa into the tree. Be ready if the tree shoots your papa over the center to shoot another papa at it so the first papa hits the wall making a fireball. Not easy to do and the cauliflower may alter the first papas path.
You want to hit existing and make multipliers, carrots from altered tree papa shots, watermelons when you finally burn the cactus, and the cauliflowers, as soon as you can. Making grandes is important for points, especially bouncing a Papa Grande off the blueberry into the blackberries, and making more grandes. Having cauliflower blowing will keep a Papa Grande bouncing off the upper bamboo will make points and if bouncing enough another grande too. Another point making Papa Grande spot is off both pea pods if not burned. Having the acorns/onions removed from above the center bucket will allow the watermelon seeds to keep the papa making and removing peas.
If you’ve cleared out most of the wall side items and the doubler curve your aiming line to bounce off the wall as low as you can curve it. Hopefully, the cauliflower won’t alter the shot and your papa ends up in the tree. If it does look for a removed cauliflower. You need an onion by the pea pod for this shot. Curve your aiming line so your papa will bounce off the edge of the bamboo under the tree, hit the onion, then weaken or remove blackberries. Without that onion your papa will bounce right past the pea pod into a bucket.
Lastly, should your score be really close to the 800,000 and you fired your last papa hope for un-hit power-ups. Each one is worth 1000 points times your multiplier number which might get you a win.

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7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 495”

  1. Ellen

    Thanks for the fire ball tip – only took me 5 tries to get through this one! Love your tips, they really help me out!

    • Alf Igel

      And even with twenty shots not a single papa made it to the other side, let alone to the wall at all. It is completely random if ever a papa makes a fireball, and if so, it most probably will land in a completely unreachable area.
      Most stupid level since August.

  2. Karoline

    I got as far as this level -495- without too many problems but seem to be unable to finish this one in spite of the handy hints. I think you need pure luck. I’ll have to find another game.

    • Hans Wurst

      Yes, it needs some luck, just like every other king level, and this one needs some more luck, but it didn’t take me 50 life to pass, but some less…
      Of course you need a lucky bounce from one side to the other, and a lucky place for the fire bonus, but sooner or later it will happen…
      And if you think this level is horrible – then you haven’t played the next!


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