Papa Pear Saga Level 496, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 4 Doublers; 25,000 points.

The open bucket is random so hope for the pink one. Aim high at both walls and shoot papas until you’ve popped the vacuum plant, removed a lot of the row of acorns/onions, made some fireballs, removed the lower acorns/onions, and opened the red, pink. and orange buckets. The lower acorn/onions between the blueberry triangles and red, pink, and orange lids must be removed before doublers can be hit.

Papa Pear Saga Level 496To hit the edge doublers aim at the pink buckets handles to bounce your papa into the doublers.
To hit the center doubler aim at the eyes of the 3rd bamboo from the left. That should bounce your papa off the pink bucket up into the doubler. Adjust a bit higher/lower on the bamboo to get the right bounce.

How to make the 4th doubler (bounce on bucket rims 5 times)? Have all lids removed to start with. There is no easy aim point, unfortunately. Try the shots you used to hit the 3 doublers and see how your papa bounces. This is where the moving bamboo section can be helpful if your papa hits a few edges then gets a bounce off the bamboo into other edges for the doubler. It’s not guaranteed success though. Also try curving your aiming line to hit the pink bucket handles and moving bamboo to make the doubler. Sorry to say it’ll happen or it won’t. Keep at it and you’ll make one.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    Great tips to get the three doubles. However it is easier to score three stars than ever get a fourth doubler – pure luck, nothing else πŸ™


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