Papa Pear Saga Level 497, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 18,000 points.



First off, avoid the warp spinner. Your papa will emerge above the buckets near the center of the of the red peppers.
Aim at the top right slanted yellow chili to start removing it and bounce your papa to the right to hopefully remove items before the cactus kills your papa. Shoot again to remove the yellow chili and other items.
Curve your aiming line and hit the fireball on the right side to send the Fire Papa to the right to remove items and burn the cactus. If you’re lucky the tree will shoot it into the moving fruit and, real luck, over the warp to remove items on that side.
You need to remove as many red peppers and yellow chilies, along with the acorns/onions too, to have areas for the fruit to drop down into the buckets. This determines how you try to remove the acorns/onions holding the fruit.
Shoot over the top left fruit to start removing items on the left side. Your papa will either bounce up and down on the red peppers peppers or get killed by the cactus. Keep shooting papas until you make a gap.
Free the fruit toward the open gaps by shooting your papas at those edges either by bouncing off a wall or on the center side of the board. Hitting the fruit directly will keep your papa removing acorns/onions until you have a weakened onion or single acorn holding it up.
If your fruit gets stuck on an item look for angles to remove the item. And if it’s on top of a tree shooting a papa at the tree won’t move the fruit. Your papa “magically” passes behind the fruit.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    Another bullshit level where fruits will always be blocked between wood and cactus, neither you can remove, also because fire papas and papa grandes always will go down the center bucket immediately!


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